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What Are Pinterest Repins (Saves)?

Pinterest is a really helpful source that provides a good amount of traffic, which is especially handy for bloggers. All kinds of bloggers benefit from Pinterest, but food bloggers gain the most advantage. Some food bloggers announce that Pinterest is their second-highest source of traffic, while Google sits on number one, as always.

Pinterest is also a very entertaining platform. When you get in, you may get lost looking at different visual arts. One of the best things about the platform is that it is smart. Pinterest learns your interests due to your searches and brings you related content as suggestions. It is definitely one of the greatest features of the app. However, we are going to inform you about Pinterest Repins (Saves).

Pinterest is a sort of different social media platform that gathers visual images from various blogs and other websites, displaying them together on an Instagram-like grid. You can filter which images you want to see by searching for keywords. You can click on an image to go to its source website, and this action is the process of traffic for those blogs.

Why Should You Buy Pinterest Repins (Saves)?

Let’s assume that you are a food blogger. You need to upload your food photos on Pinterest, linking your blog page about that food, so whenever someone searches for that edible, they will see your visuals without reading your blog. If they are interested to see the recipe, they will click on the source link to visit your blog.

It is much convenient for people to decide to read a recipe after seeing their result photos first, so this process surely bringings a lot of traffic to food bloggers who use Pinterest effectively.

Pinterest users are called “Pinners,” and they can save, share repin the images. They can also follow other pinners. A “Save,” or with its former name, “repin” (it is still used among Pinterest users, by the way) on Pinterest, is a feature that is similar to “Retweet” on Twitter. It is the action of someone who saves an existing pin (post) to another board.

The number of saves, or how it was called before, repins a pin has given it a large amount of visibility. The algorithm here is similar to other social media platforms; the visual with a higher rate of saves will gain more popularity since Pinterest will start promoting the pin by making it visible in search results.

Becoming successful on Pinterest is profoundly connected to getting more people to save/repin your content. Pinterest calculates the pin popularity rate when it is deciding which pins to show for search results. Needless to say, pin popularity is a metric calculated by the total quantity of saves that a pin has.

That is why it is a smart move to Buy Pinterest Saves / Buy Pinterest Repins (we are using both terms to prevent confusion. It basically means the same thing.) from us if you want to improve your visibility, which will also improve your blog traffic. It is the definition of killing two birds with one stone!


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